Betsy Woken

Woken3433LRwhiteCBetsy’s love for creativity & design have always been prevalent in her life; an entrepreneur from day one. Although she has countless stamps in her passport and a deep love for the beach, she has always been proud to call Ohio home. Growing up in Marion, moving to Columbus, spending time in Clintonville, and the Short North, followed by Westerville where she lived for many years. Betsy made the move to Delaware just three years ago and immediately fell in love with the charm and character of downtown.

After seventeen years in the beauty industry, Betsy decided to combine her love for design with her entrepreneurial spirit and start a custom invitation and marketing design company. Her work, which included designing custom invitations for a New York Giants Super Bowl champion and a Columbus Crew MLS Cup winner, she was voted number one on NBC 4, Columbus Bride, and was renowned in the Columbus market.

As a busy mother of three, she prides herself on being a functional and thrifty designer who is always seeking new challenges. Several years ago, what began as a hobby – restoring a few pieces of antique furniture for her family – quickly blossomed into a career opportunity. With the support of family and friends, Betsy built her business, Antiqued, strictly on word of mouth advertising and referrals. Her work spoke for itself. She is not the type to stand on the sidelines and watch the work be done by others. Resourceful and rarely sitting still, Betsy thrives on being hands-on in every project she undertakes, from start to finish.  Her passion is clear to anyone with whom she works, and this passion has allowed Betsy to build rewarding relationships with brand-new and long-time clients alike. Before she knew it, Betsy’s aptitude for design and love of restoration led naturally to her next step: staging and soon after, real estate!

Betsy wants all of her clients to know, regardless of budget, from new builds to complete renovations, that she sees beauty and possibility in every project. She is able to see the perfect in the imperfect. This vision makes her a natural when it comes to preparing and staging your home to sell, as well as searching for the home of your dreams.

Betsy Woken
Contact: 614-774-9203
Fax: 614-675-2202

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