Columbus Ohio Homes for Sale –  As the state capital of Ohio, people looking for a home to buy can be sure that they’re looking in one of the most dynamic and exciting areas in the entire country.  Columbus is the third most popular state capital in the Unites States, and hosts a huge variety of entertainment, dining, and education options for every kind of resident.

Residents have dozens of choices for things to do with friends and family, all of which is within walking distance of their home, or easily accessible through public transportation.  Even more extensive travel is easy to do from Columbus with its connections to highways, airports, and bridges, as well as major bus and train lines.

History is all around the city, and residents need only take a few steps outside their door to encounter the rich and diverse history of this city.  From its ties to aviation to incredible landmarks, such as the Ohio Statehouse and the to-scale replica of the Santa Maria.  Art and history museums house popular and impressive collections that are open to the public and visited daily. Check out the Columbus Clippers or Blue Jackets if you like sporting events.

Finally, no city would be complete without shopping, entertainment and fine dining.  Columbus has all three of these things in abundance—a huge selection of restaurants ranging from fast food to black tie evenings, theaters that play all sorts of shows, as well as music and hobby festivals, and every shop a resident could possibly want to browse.  With all this at a person’s fingertips, it’s not surprising that so many people are coming to Columbus hoping to find their forever home to buy.

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