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Christy Rogers Top Ohio Realtor

Hello, I’m Christy Rodgers, a dedicated professional with a diverse background spanning three key areas of my life: education, equestrianism, and real estate. With an 18-year teaching career, a lifelong love for horses, and a burning passion for real estate, I have found immense fulfillment and success in each of these areas.

My journey in education began nearly two decades ago, where I have had the privilege of shaping the minds of countless students. As an educator, I’ve fostered a love for learning, promoted critical thinking, and helped young minds grow. My commitment to empowering the next generation has been unwavering, and I take immense pride in my contributions to the field of education.

My equestrian journey started from a young age, and it’s a lifelong passion that has grown into something more than just a hobby. I’ve evolved into a proficient equestrian who not only rides but also imparts my knowledge to others through lessons. My experience includes training horses, sharing my skills with riders of all levels, and engaging in equine-assisted therapy. The bond between humans and horses is a unique and powerful connection, and I’m proud to use this connection to facilitate healing and personal growth for individuals in need.

In addition to my career in education and equestrian pursuits, I’m also deeply invested in the world of real estate. My passion for real estate has led me to explore the intricacies of property investment, development, and sales. Whether helping clients find their dream homes or assisting them in making wise real estate investments, I bring my dedication, knowledge, and passion to every transaction.

Combining my expertise in these three distinct areas – education, equestrianism, and real estate – has provided me with a well-rounded perspective on life and a unique skill set that enables me to connect with people from various walks of life. My journey has been guided by a desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others, whether in the classroom, the equestrian arena, or the world of real estate.

As I continue to pursue my passions, I look forward to new opportunities to learn, grow, and inspire others. I’m excited about the possibilities that the future holds, and I remain committed to the principles of dedication, hard work, and a genuine love for what I do.

Christy Rogers, Sales Partner
Direct: 412-600-8353

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